Monday, May 14, 2012

J-YES Farms, Kottayam

Last Sunday we had visited one of our relative's residence at Kottayam. When we reached we decided to visit J-Yes Farms, Neendur which is 20 kilometers away from their residence. The farm is situated in 50 acres of land in which several types of dogs, birds, cows, plants, fish etc. are available there.People who visited can see and purchase fish, Meat, various types of plants, egg, Milk, baby dog etc. There is no entrance fee  in the farm. The main revenue they are collecting by way of the sale of various items in the farm When we reached there there were several families. There is a separate place for children's playing area in the farm. A canteen is also functioning inside the farm for the visitors. It was interesting to see that the cows are standing under the fan. Anybody who got a chance to visit this farm, can really enjoy this place where there is no air pollution.  This farm is well maintained and people friendly.

Board placed in front of the Farm.
Some of the other pictures taken from the farm

Artificial paddy field in the front side of the Farm
Artificial boat in front of the farm

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